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About LSO


LSO’s mission is to foster commercial success for Ontario's life sciences sector through advocacy and education, and promoting the industry locally, nationally, and internationally.


  • Consultation and collaboration
  • Inclusivity and consensus-building
  • An aligned voice in key policy matters
  • A hub-based approach
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • The equal social and economic benefits of life sciences

Strategic Priorities

  • Raising the profile of Ontario’s Life Sciences sector to secure our economic and social prosperity.
  • Advocating for specific public policy action to support our sector’s continued growth, such as access to capital, an inclusive and aligned provincial life sciences strategy, and evidence-based decision-making.
  • Delivering unparalleled educational, networking, mentorship, and thought leadership programs to our members.
  • Acting as a centralized hub connecting our sector’s diverse clusters to facilitate a strong, aligned life sciences sector with national connectivity.

Who We Represent

Members of Life Sciences Ontario include established and emerging life sciences companies, along with individuals, members of academia, and service providers.

Member companies consist of a diverse range of stakeholders from across our sector, including companies operating in biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, agri-food, the bioeconomy, medical devices, animal health, environmental technologies, and more.