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Life Science Ontario releases blueprint for a made-in-Ontario rare disease strategy

TORONTO, Ontario – September 27, 2021 –  Life Sciences Ontario has released a bold new vision for how the Ontario government can create a provincial rare disease strategy to save lives and boost Ontario’s economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed in spades how health challenges will only be overcome with innovation, collaboration and speed. 

With the right policies and a comprehensive strategy coordinated nationally, Ontario can build on these lessons. Now is the time to harness advances in science and healthcare for the benefit of both rare disease patients and Ontario’s economic development.

The vision paper outlines five strategic pillars that are necessary to make this happen:

  1. Build a workable system for patients that is driven by facts and data
  2. A clear, efficient and patient-friendly health regulatory system 
  3. Accelerated funding for rare diseases diagnosis, treatments and care
  4. Make managing rare diseases an economic development strategy
  5. Integrate Ontario’s rare disease strategy with other health initiatives and the Canadian Rare Disease Strategy

Read LSO’s vision paper here: