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Life Sciences Ontario launches “Leading the Way Toward Recovery, Resilience and Prosperity”: Roadmap for an Integrated Life Sciences Ecosystem in Ontario

TORONTO, Ontario- May 20, 2021 –  Life Sciences Ontario (LSO) has announced the launch of the document, Leading the Way Toward Recovery, Resilience and Prosperity: Roadmap for an Integrated Life Sciences Ecosystem, a follow up to the 2017 Blueprint for a Coordinated Life Sciences Strategy. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations across the life sciences ecosystem have shown an unprecedented degree of agility to rapidly innovate, but we as a sector could have been more prepared.

This document identifies key priorities areas to create a more resilient, prepared, and integrated life sciences ecosystem—across sectors, across academia, across disciplines, across the innovation continuum, and across government. The Roadmap stresses the importance of public-private partnership, strengthened supply chains for SMEs and proactive regulatory and procurement systems that not only help us recover from the pandemic but also position the Province for health security and economic prosperity into the future. The recommendations also include emphasizing the need for dialogue and alignment through different provincial Ministries, and collaboration across the ecosystem to unlock the sector’s potential.

The document is a follow up to their 2017 Blueprint for a Coordinated Ontario Life Sciences Strategy, a document created to offer a solution-based approach to the a coordinated and dedicated life sciences strategy .

“Building on the recommendations and priorities outlined in this Roadmap, Ontario can strengthen it’s life sciences ecosystem, paving a path forward as an integrated community of partners,” says LSO President and CEO, Dr. Jason Field. “In doing so, Ontario will create an innovation and policy environment that will deliver a powerful quadruple bottom-line impact (health, environment, society and economy) for the people of Ontario.”

This report was authored by LSO, in partnership with Shift Health and endorsed by several partner organizations. LSO’s mandate is to drive our sector’s commercial success through advocacy, promotion, and collaboration with governments, academia, industry, and other life science organizations in Ontario and across Canada. To read the Roadmap for an Integrated Life Sciences Ecosystem in Ontario please visit:

About Life Sciences Ontario

Life Sciences Ontario (LSO) is a not-for-profit organization that represents and promotes Ontario’s vibrant and diverse life sciences sector. Members of LSO include life sciences companies, entrepreneurs, members of academia, and service providers from many different areas of the life sciences ecosystem, including biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, agri-food, the bioeconomy, medical devices, animal health, environmental technologies, and more. Ultimately, LSO’s mission is to encourage commercial success throughout this diverse sector by collaborating with governments, academia, industry and other life sciences organizations in Ontario and across Canada.


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