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With over 12 years in regulatory affairs and quality assurance, we have been a trusted guide in helping numerous MedTech companies obtain and/or maintain market approvals with nimble proven strategies that assure the right first-time results.

Our clients increase their speed to market, eliminate accumulated system inefficiencies, reduce overall RA/QA cost; and expand market coverage and access to more than a billion people with the CE mark alone.

For each of our clients we demystify the regulations and provide a practical approach guaranteed to achieve agreed upon product and quality management certification goals.

Start today, contact us to accelerate the effectiveness of your RA/QA work and advance medical care in your markets.


Contact details:

Name: Hasnaa Fatehi, PhD, RAC (Devices)
Phone: 236-518-2682 or 604-783-8398
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Contact Information
Phone: 236-518-2682