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AKKA Technologies - At the heart of Life Sciences future.

We support the world’s industry leaders to engineer their products into reality, boost their performance and accelerate innovation

 From pedometers to applications that manage cardiovascular risks and monitor diabetes, there has been a boom in e-health applications in recent years. AKKA believes that technological developments will create new opportunities with regard to connected objects, websites providing day-to-day advice and mobile health care applications that will generate data from real-life situations. These innovations will advance the concept of personalized medical care, but will also raise questions about the quality, ownership, use and security of data.

Our Solutions:

  • Regulatory affairs and clinics
  • Conception and certification of medical devices
  • Operational excellence
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Commissioning and qualification, validation and maintenance
  • Manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Quality control and analytical methods development and validation
  • Project Management
  • Product and process engineering
  • Engineering design and construction supervision
  • Computer systems validation
  • Data integrity
  • Trainings”