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Canadian Alliance for Skills & Training in Life Sciences (CASTL)

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The Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL) is a unique partnership between academia, industry, and government to address the future skills needs of the Canadian life sciences sector. A national initiative of the Prince Edward Island BioAlliance, CASTL delivers on the economic and sectoral demand for individuals who are work-ready to enter, thrive, and meet the needs of the fast-growing Canadian biomanufacturing industry. CASTL is the exclusive provider of the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research, and Training (NIBRT) licensed training programs in Canada. Based in Ireland, NIBRT develops and delivers state-of-the-art training and education programs for the world’s leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies and partner academic institutions. CASTL is supported by National Lead Partner adMare Academy. The adMare Academy is dedicated to providing the specialized training required to foster the next generation of highly qualified personnel who will drive the growth of Canadian life science companies.

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