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Curious Public Content and Insights is a leading communications firm specializing in strategy, narrative development, issues management and media training. We create compelling, tailored content and offer specific, strategic advice for organizations that want to stand out. We do that by asking you the right questions and using our insights to build narratives, strategies and campaigns that are customized to your organization and its leaders.

Curious Public simplifies the complex, we find your core message and help you communicate it in a way that resonates while achieving your objectives. You can trust us to train your people, write your materials, get you in front of a digital audience, advise your leaders and help you fine-tune your business strategy. In everything we do, we make sure our work is bespoke, relevant and smart – all of which is driven by our curiosity to understand who you are, who you serve, and how we can help you achieve success.

Our team has decades of experience and includes senior people who have created communications teams from the ground-up, are multi-award-winning communicators, supported four Ontario Premiers, worked with municipalities and have quarterbacked numerous provincial, municipal and regional political campaigns. We have crafted countless communications guides, reports, products and plans for public and private sector clients
and, most importantly, have helped hundreds of clients succeed.

And we are trusted – by high profile government leaders, CEOs and Communications Directors at Fortune 500 corporations, global PR agencies and many of Canada’s leading tech start-ups – to deliver executive media training, communications workshops and digital thought-leadership

At Curious Public, we turn well-thought-out narratives and strategies into tactical, effective communications plans – and we back that up with our high-quality speechwriting, content development and creative services. And we don’t just help you with the right words, we tap into our innate curiosity to help you develop the unique communications approach that can move your audience.


Lloyd Rang, President and Narrative Lead, 905 431 4779

Tracey Sobers, Chief Operations Officer and Project Director, 419 970 6841

Jordan Ray, Principal and Senior Narrative Consultant, 613 8760817