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Section Architects is a full-service architectural practice with a focus on creative design solutions for complex buildings. We are precise, detail-oriented professionals with a belief that deep subject-matter expertise and the creative use of technology is vital to solving hard design problems.
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We excel in the delivery of complex life sciences, technology, healthcare, academic, and industrial projects. We have specific expertise in projects incorporating laboratories, cleanrooms, and other highly controlled spaces. Our portfolio consists of projects for diverse industries such as diagnostics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, specialty packaging, and secure product storage. We also have deep expertise in the healthcare and industrial sectors, including complex hospital renovations, seniors housing, manufacturing facilities, and warehousing.
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As building systems, manufacturing processes, and user requirements become increasingly complex, the need for knowledgeable, detail-oriented consultants grows in parallel. We work collaboratively with project stakeholders and our engineering consultants to yield holistic solutions for our clients.