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We are excited to be joining LSO this year as part of our strategic initiative.  We look forward to participating and collaborating with other stakeholders who share a common passion to increase awareness and development of the life sciences industry in Ontario. 


We are a diverse group of people that foster a culture of excellence. Our greatest strength is delivering an exceptional level of service to those we partner with.

RxSource is a niche pharmaceutical organization providing Clinical Services and Access Programs.


We Offer Tailored Solutions In:
• Sourcing
• Secondary Packaging & Labelling
• Storage, Distribution & Returns
• Global Access
• Drug Shortages


We Partner Globally With:
• Sponsors
• Manufacturers
• Biotech Organizations
• CROs
• Hospitals
• Health Agencies


We are driven by quality and committed to global regulatory standards that ensure our ongoing focus on what matters the most – Patient Safety.

Please visit our website to learn more about us: