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New survey data: Federal drug pricing regulations are already stopping what Canadians want: access to new medicines as soon as possible

In these unprecedented times, access to new medicines and vaccines has never been more important. However, new federal drug pricing regulations changing the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) are hurting Canadians’ access to new life-saving medicines and vaccines.

According to a recent Research Etc. survey of 43 pharmaceutical leaders:

  • 35% report that they have already delayed bringing new treatments to Canada
  • 96% anticipate that the new rules will drive decisions to delay or not bring new treatments to Canada
  • 90% say the reform will reduce research, clinical trials, and innovation

The Research Etc. survey is available in English and French

At the same time, another survey for LSO by Ipsos Canada of the general public shows the impact of the new federal policy is contrary to what most Canadians want. In that poll, 72% of Canadians believe that new medicines should be made available as soon as possible, even if it means that Canada needs to pay a higher price than some other countries.

The Ipsos Canada survey is available in English and French