Life Sciences Ontario (LSO) in collaboration with our partners: Alexion Pharma Canada, AstraZeneca, Astellas, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Gilead Sciences Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Horizon Therapeutics, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk Canada, Roche Canada, Sanofi Canada, Takeda, 3Sixty Public Affairs and CSL Behring Canada  is pleased to announce that the LSO Scholarship and Mentorship Program is now accepting student applications!

This program will award a minimum of 36 undergraduate students studying in fields that are linked to employment within the life sciences sector, scholarships in the amount of $3000 for the 2022-2023 fall/winter term.

Students will be able to access the application portal beginning from March 15th, 2022, to May 31st, 2022.

 Awardees will be paired with an experienced professional from one of the sponsoring companies for a one-on-one mentoring experience.

Benefits of receiving mentoring include:

  • Access to senior role models
  • Development of networking skills
  • Access to networking opportunities
  • Career advise and personal development
  • Informational interview-style one-on-ones
  • A broader perspective on career paths and opportunities within the life sciences sector
  • Identify gaps in skills and knowledge

Half of the award will be distributed in September and the remaining half in December, contingent upon award winners have provided all necessary documents and having had initial meetings with their mentors.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicant must be currently residing as a permanent resident in Ontario verified by postal code and proof of identification.
  • Applicants in an undergraduate university degree program must be entering their final year of full-time studies in a bachelor’s degree Undergraduate college applicants must be entering their final year of full-time studies. 
  • Note: Successful applicants will need to submit a hard copy of their official transcript and proof of enrollment for the fall 2022-2023 school. Applicants who fail to provide proof of enrollment and an official school transcript will forfeit the scholarship award.
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative average of 75% from all their completed years of undergraduate schooling.
  • College students in 2-year programs must provide proof of enrollment & program length.

You are ineligible to apply to this program if you are:

  • A past LSO Scholarship award winner.
  • Not a permanent resident in Ontario, Canada.
  • Applicants in an undergraduate university degree program entering first, second or third year of full-time studies in a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Undergraduate college applicants not entering their final year of full-time studies.
  • Applicants studying in a graduate or post-graduate program.

Successful awardees will be contacted by email. Please do not contact the LSO to inquire about the status of your application.

LSO Scholarship Program Tiers Proposal – 2022-02-07

For more information or inquiries on the scholarship, please contact: Charlini Nicholapillai –


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: I am unsure of how to calculate my cumulative GPA for each year as a percentage.

A: Please contact your school’s office of the registrar for guidance on calculating your GPA on a fixed percentage scale. Additionally, you may use this tool to calculate the conversion:

Q: My University uses the 12-point scale which I can convert to the 4.0 GPA. How do I convert this into a percentage out of 100?

A: Please use the percentage range that corresponds with your grade and choose the lower number of the range.

Q: How do you convert your GPA into a single percentage number? For example, a GPA of 3.90 on the OUAC conversion table ranges between 75-79 for my school.

A: The cumulative average is only a prequalifying question, and you will not be awarded any points for achieving anything over 75%. Please enter the lower range, in this case, 75% for the GPA, as this qualifies you to be eligible for the award.

Q: The OUAC conversion table does not include in-between values, for example: what percentage would a 3.6 GPA be?

A: Please refer to your institution’s specific conversion chart, most times these can be found via your institution’s Office of the Registrar.

Q: I fall just below the 75% mark; however, I am taking 2 summer courses that will certainly boost the percentage up to 75%. Would I still be considered eligible?

 A: Unfortunately, the deadline to submit applications falls outside of the summer months and in most cases, winners have already been selected by end of July-August.

Q: Applicants in an undergraduate university degree program must be entering their final year of full-time studies in a bachelor’s degree program – What do full-time studies mean? Does this mean you are taking at least 60% of a full course load?

A: Full-time studies are determined differently per institution, LSO will validate “full-time studies” as dictated by the applicant’s academic institution.

Q: When will the winners be contacted?

A: Winners will be contacted by end of the end of August. Do not email LSO to inquire about the status of your application.

Q: I am currently in my fourth year of studies and planning on pursuing a master’s degree next year (Fall 2022), would I be eligible to apply?

A: Unfortunately, this scholarship and mentorship program is not open to graduate or post-graduate programs. You are welcome to visit the websites of our sponsoring companies to see if they offer awards/scholarships to students in graduate or post-graduate programs.

Q: I am an international student, but I am living in Ontario. Am I considered eligible for the scholarship?

 A: Only applicants that are permanent residents of Ontario are eligible for the scholarship.


One-On-One Mentorship

Those chosen for the scholarship will participate in “One-on-One Mentoring” with an experienced professional within their field of study in the life sciences sector
Once chosen recipients of the scholarship can expect to:

  • Tour of the office
  • Introductions to colleagues
  • An orientation of what the company does
  • Mentor’s role / Q&A
  • Opportunity for job shadowing

Sponsorship Opportunities

For Sponsorship Opportunities please see our sponsorship package
Sponsors must be LSO Members to participate.

For  info or inquiries on the Scholarship please contact Charlini Nicholapillai:

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Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. is a proud partner of the Life Sciences Ontario Scholarship Program through our funding and mentoring contributions. This scholarship and mentorship program supports the thriving life sciences sector in Mississauga, and I am excited to see it expand beyond our city’s borders. Ontario is home to some of the world’s brightest and most passionate students, and programs such as this help nurture and grow that talent. In addition to financial assistance, this program helps Ontario post-secondary students gain valuable connections in the life sciences sector within our province, supporting them to find meaningful employment right here in Ontario at the conclusion of their studies.

Béatrice Clerc, President, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.


“Gilead Sciences Canada, Inc. is proud to partner with LSO in supporting post-secondary education for students through the LSO Scholarship Program. This initiative not only expands the potential for learning about opportunities in life sciences, but also provides evidence-based guidance for young students as they map their future career path.”

“At Roche Canada, we are proud to support the first Life Sciences Ontario Scholarship and Mentorship program.  The future of the life sciences industry is very promising as remarkable discoveries are being made at a greater pace than ever before.  As an industry, one of our most significant challenges is developing local talent today for what the future will require.  The Life Science Ontario Scholarship and Mentorship program is unique in offering both financial assistance, as well as one-to-one mentorship opportunities with young industry professionals to provide guidance as they discover and engage with what this exciting industry has to offer.”

“GSK in Canada is honoured to be a partner of the Life Science Ontario Scholarship Program. Such programs are of critical importance to increase awareness of the life sciences sector in Ontario and help create opportunities for graduates to build strong and rewarding careers, contributing to the economic development in the province. As GSK engages in mentorship with the energized and astute post-secondary students selected, our goal is to help build strong networks for students and to foster continued curiosity and growth of the strong talent to be found here, in Ontario.”

“The LSO scholarship program allows us to Invest in future Life Sciences leaders while at the same time providing mentorship to students passionate about health and making a difference for Ontarians.”

Horizon Therapeutics

“COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of a strong life sciences sector in Ontario. AstraZeneca is proud to support the next generation of young professionals – helping to ensure a thriving life sciences industry will continue to play an important role in saving and improving patients’ lives through innovative and transformative science. By supporting both a scholarship and mentorship initiative, this program will help students translate their educational knowledge and skills in business settings, gain valuable connections, and set-out on exciting careers within the life sciences.”

“Boehringer Ingelheim Canada is committed to helping build a strong and vibrant life science sector and proudly supports the development of the next generation of innovators, thinkers and leaders through the Life Sciences Ontario scholarship and mentorship program.”

-Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.