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Data-Driven Approaches: Building a Framework for a Successful Product Launch, POA or NSM

MarchMar 14 2023 12:30pm - 01:00pm

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Traditional methods for measuring the success of product launches, plan of action meetings (POAs) and national sales meetings (NSMs) include curriculum development and delivery on-time, within budget and certification for all field teams. But what if success was more than simply checking these boxes? A deeper value can be derived from these massive logistical and financial expenditures to demonstrate their lasting impact on learning retention, long term behavior change and productivity in the field.


In the second of three LTEN webinars in the “A Data-Driven Approach to Optimize Product Launches, POAs and NSMs” series, sponsored by ACTO, you will hear about new approaches in the development and distribution of training materials to get your learners out in the field faster, and better equipped to hit the ground running.


You will learn how to:


  • Maximize your agenda to speed ramp time.
  • Implement impactful learning retention techniques to improve rep effectiveness.
  • Apply an easier, faster and compliant certification practice.


Whether you’re a seasoned training professional or a newcomer, this webinar series will provide a blueprint on how to leverage new data insights to help make informed decisions on things like pre-work curriculum, live event content and post-event pull-through that will change what product launch, POA and NSM success looks like.


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Register here for:


• April 18: Data-Driven Approaches: Measuring Success Beyond Certification for Product Launches, POAs and NSMs


• Feb 28 (On Demand): Data-Driven Approaches: Developing a Strategic Product Launch, POA or NSM Pre-Event Plan

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