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LSO Breakfast Series

MayMay 10 2022 09:00am - 10:00am

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New Frontiers in Food Innovation

New Frontiers in Food Innovation


Guest Speakers:

  • Frank Yu, cofounder, Myo Palate

  • Steve George, CEO and Co-Founder, Terra Bio

  • Valentin Fulga, Co-Founder, CELL AG TECH




Frank Yu, cofounder, Myo Palate

Myo Palate is a cellular agriculture company located in Toronto and focused on bringing mammalian lab-grown meat products to market. Through novel machine learning and regenerative medicine techniques, our products will replicate the natural taste and mouthfeel of traditional meat.



Steve George, CEO and Co-Founder, Terra Bio

What if we could turn our existing supply chains into circular economies without breaking the bank? Terra Bio has created a way to do just this with their upcycling platform. This platform sources local undervalued spent grains – a byproduct of beer production – to create solutions for the plant-based protein and precision fermentation industries. Find out how this team of chemical engineers and entrepreneurs is creating functional and competitive plant protein while also creating a highly sustainable feedstock for the growing fermentation industry. With just one process that can be placed anywhere in the world, this team is improving the scalability, sustainability, and circularity of existing supply chains to make environmentally friendly industrial inputs more accessible."


Valentin Fulga, Co-Founder, CELL AG TECH

CELL AG TECH is one of the few cellular agriculture companies in the world focused on seafood, with the mission to become a global leader in the production of sustainable cell-cultured seafood. Our initial focus is on lean white fish, and the ultimate goal is to develop, manufacture and commercialize cell-cultured fish filets that are price competitive, cruelty-free, sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy, widely available, and taste great. With our founder’s business and entrepreneurial experience, the scientific expertise of our team, and the network of reputable collaborators, CELL AG TECH is well positioned to bring cell-cultured seafood products to the world and to become a key player in the future of seafood.

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