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LSO Policy Forum 2020

NovemberNov 02 2020 10:30am - NovemberNov 06 2020 12:00pm

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LSO’s Annual Policy Forum, now entering its 11th year, brings together key stakeholders to strategize how we can accelerate our life sciences sector. The 2020 Policy Forum, features speakers from a broad spectrum of industry and government as well as robust opportunities for audience engagement.

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November 2nd – 6th, 2020
Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual

Day 1: Monday, November 2nd.

COVID19: A Turning Point for Canadian Life Sciences?

COVID19 was a wakeup call for many jurisdictions. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, every global
jurisdiction is trying to strengthen local life sciences; so how can Canada best compete in this post-COVID
world? What should Canada do to emerge strong from COVID19?

The Future of Pharma in Canada

Panel to discuss the presentation – include industry, patients, researchers, policy makers, media.

Day 2: Tuesday, November 3rd.

Science Communication During Crisis

COVID19 has thrust biological science into the spotlight, creating opportunities to educate the public and
policy makers alike. This session will explore how well the science behind the pandemic has been
communicated to the public. From transmission to detection, treatment to vaccine development; how
informed is the public?

The Biology of a Pandemic

Biology is the key to understanding zoonotic disease transmission to humans such as what was observed in
COVID19. Biologic interventions such a vaccines hold the most promise for a return to normal. This panel
will explore the crucial role of Biology in understanding COVID19, detecting the disease and growing a cure.

Day 3: Wednesday, November, 4th.

The Future of Pharma in Canada

PMPRB modernization comes into effect Jan. 1, 2021 with the industry and patient groups sounding the
alarm on negative impacts to investment and access to new medicines. National pharmacare has been
placed on the back-burner but for how long? And COVID19 has thrust this industry into the spotlight, with
an opportunity to emerge the hero. Given all this, what does the future of this industry look like in Canada?

From Villain to Hero: The Shifting Public Perception of Life Sciences

COVID19, USMCA, protectionism/nationalism, the WHO, US election, Black Lives Matter, China
relationship(s) – these all shape the political landscape here in Canada. Has the relationship between
government and life sciences shifted in light of recent events? Has public perception shifted? How will this
affect life sciences policy in Canada going into 2021?

Day 4: Thursday, November 5th

Canadian Medtech pre-, during and post-pandemic

Medical technologies emerged into the common lexicon during the pandemic: N95 masks, ventilators,
swabs, point of care diagnostics. What was the state of the Canadian Medtech industry entering the
pandemic? How did it respond to the crisis and how is it evolving as we enter this new reality?

The Future of Canadian Medical Technologies

COVID19 has placed medical technologies in the spotlight. How do we strengthen local supply chains in
Canada? How do we boost the adoption of new innovations and digital health solutions to be better prepared
for future health crises?

Day 5: Friday, November 6th

What’s Next?

Let’s gaze into the crystal ball – What’s on the horizon for Canadian life sciences? Will COVID19 spur a
renaissance in research, innovation and adoption of life sciences technologies? Will protectionism lead to
strong domestic industry or choke global supply chains and stymie collaboration?

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