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Medtech Entrepreneurship & Clinical Needs Finding

SeptemberSep 19 2019 05:00pm - 06:30pm

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Identifying a clinically important need may seem simple and straightforward, but it is not. If innovators identified a problem that doesn’t correspond to a real need for patients, physicians, payers and other participants in the healthcare system, the innovator’s substantial efforts, time and money may be expended to no productive end. The process of identifying clinical needs requires innovators to find reliable ways of looking at processes, technologies, data and clinical practices to increase their odds of choosing a clinical need that has the most compelling opportunity for success.

Join us for this session and hear from experienced clinician-entrepreneurs and innovators on how they have utilized their skills and found new ways of looking at processes, procedures and events to nurture innovation.

Key questions our speakers will address in this lecture include: (i) As an innovator, How can you identify a novel clinical need/challenge with significant commercialization potential? (ii) What makes a successful healthcare entrepreneur? (iii) What do you need to know now before you embark on an entrepreneurial journey in healthcare?

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