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Unlocking Life Sciences Opportunities in an Uncertain Time

AugustAug 19 2020 05:00am - 06:30pm

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Join us on August 19th for our next webinar on Unlocking Life Sciences Opportunities in an Uncertain Time

About the event:
Two significant events have transformed the world—and the workforce—in 2020. COVID-19 has required many organizations to reconsider their business strategies, reassess the skills and competencies that are critical to achieving their objectives, and rethink where work is done and where talent resides. Our awakening to the toxicity and ubiquity of anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination has also compelled employers to take a hard look at priorities, operations, services and culture in terms of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility and to define concrete actions that will remove systemic barriers. We have convened a panel of individuals with diverse expertise, careers and lived experiences to offer their perspectives on how these historic events are creating new employment opportunities, challenging us to rethink how we network and redefining the skills employees need to succeed.


  • Michael Duong, Head of Personalized Healthcare, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
  • Rob Henderson, President & CEO, BioTalent Canada
  • Sonia Igboanugo, MBDC, completed at McMaster University
  • Anne Mullin, Principal, Shift Health
  • Shiva Darvishi, M.Sc.,Chief Operating Officer, Micellae Delivery Systems Inc.
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