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University of Waterloo Co-operative Education

You know that innovation in the life sciences sector can drive economic growth.

But here’s the thing.

You need to have the right people on your team to make this happen. People who think about problems and opportunities differently than anyone else in the room. That’s why over 7000 employers are hiring Waterloo co-op students.

Waterloo has been ranked Canada’s most innovative university for 27 years in a row. Innovation is in our co-op students’ DNA.

And this pays off big time when they’re out on co-op work terms because they can do some pretty amazing things.  Like completely transform a major hospital from paper to digital healthcare.

True story: St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton hired 35 Waterloo co-op students as part of a ‘co-op army’ to make this happen. The final, fully integrated digital solution saves over 180 pieces of paper per visit, eliminates potential for error and ensures that patients only need to tell their full story once and then all caregivers have access to it.

This project propelled them to the forefront of digital healthcare. 

Think about where you’d like your organization to be in 5 years. What big problems do you want to be solving? What new technology do you want to create?

Waterloo co-op students can help get you there.

Learn more and post jobs here.

Waterloo co-op students are becoming experts in:

genetics biotechnology spectroscopy
biochemistry data analysis microbial culturing techniques
organic chemistry statistical analysisDNA extraction
inorganic chemistry advanced MS Excel skills PCR experience
protein purificationtechnical writingprofessional development
thermodynamics and kinetics problem solving using Gaussian and GaussView
experiment designmolecular modelling