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Life Sciences Ontario submission to proposed PMPRB Guidelines changes (July 2021) 

LSO is deeply concerned about the PMPRB’s latest proposed changes to its Guidelines, which include an unreasonable and unexplained change to price tests and a reduction of compliance timelines for Grandfathered medicines.

The proposed changes are unnecessary, inappropriate, and harmful to Canada’s life sciences ecosystem and our collective efforts to recover and build back better from the pandemic. The PMPRB is also an anchor that is holding Canada’s ability to grow the sector through the recently announced federal Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy. That strategy – and specifically Pillar 5 which commits to “enabling innovation by ensuring world class regulation” needs to apply to the PMPRB.

LSO urges the PMPRB to recall the consultation immediately, as one part of a broad, multi-stakeholder effort to fortify Canada’s health and life sciences system. We need to work together to finish the fight against COVID-19, address system backlogs and re-build our health system to address future crises.

Read LSO’s recent submission to the PMPRB Guidelines consultation to learn more here.