LSO's advocacy efforts currently focus around three key priorities:

  1. The need for a coordinated provincial life sciences strategy aligning with a clear vision for Canada’s life sciences sector.
  2. Support for innovation – including policy surrounding potential changes to drug pricing and intellectual property impacting the health of Canadians and the sustainability of our healthcare system.
  3. Access to capital and support for talent so our life sciences companies can thrive and grow here at home, creating Made-in-Ontario success stories.

Accelerating Prosperity: The Life Sciences Sector in Ontario

Life Sciences Ontario engaged Deloitte to conduct a study of the economic contribution of the life sciences sector in Ontario along with an analysis of recent trends. The study also analyzes the sector’s challenges associated with access to capital, human resources, and investments in R&D, and highlights key learnings from select international jurisdictions to consider for advancing the sector. Finally, the analysis investigates the potential economic contributions to Ontario’s economy if the sector was supported to grow at a rate comparable to other advanced jurisdictions.

This report was funded by Life Sciences Ontario through support from the following members: Pfizer Canada Inc.,Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, Innovative Medicines Canada, AstraZeneca, Sanofi Pasteur, Merck Canada Inc., Novartis Canada, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc., Amgen Canada Inc., and Celgene Inc.

Download your copy of the report here.

Blueprint for a Coordinated Ontario Life Sciences Strategy

LSO has campaigned strongly for a provincial life sciences strategy that will provide a roadmap to accelerate our sector.

To that end, we created our Blueprint for a Coordinated Ontario Life Sciences Strategy, launched at our Annual Policy Forum in December 2017. It lays out a comprehensive plan and recommendations for policymakers to accelerate the success of life sciences, with specific action around promotion of our sector, access to capital, talent growth, and support for innovation. The document was endorsed by leading provincial and national life sciences, health, and economic organizations

Download your copy of the Blueprint.