LSO Un-Golf Classic


Day 2 of our LSO Un-Golf Classic is completed. Congratulations to our 1st place winner Rob Seguin, Thrive Partnership Group. Participants with #1-4 beside their name indicate 1 spin of their “foursome”.

NameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total ScoreAdditional Spin
Rob Seguin    Thrive Partnership Group66646264256
Tiana DiMichele    Impres6562706526277
Anne Woods #3    Silicon Valley Bank6368656626271
Jennifer Tocci #3   62657462263
Don Stewart    PlantForm Corporation66686267263
Niranjan Kulkarni    CRB71686363265
Daniel Lachappelle    CRB Canada72656663266
Laura Sluce #2    EY65686469266
Shiva Darvishi Micellae Delivery Systems Inc.66716269268
Sav DiPasquale #4    CPDN65736566269
Rafi Hofstein   62696375269
Susan Baker    Innovative Medicines Canada79636365270
Bruno Maruzzo    TechnoVenture Inc71696269271
John Wilkinson #1    Wilkinson Insight Incorporated65666674271
Leslie Rouatt University of Toronto Scarborough69626873272
Mario Piccinin #2    EY75746362274
Andrew Retfalvi #4    Global Public Affairs71647763275
Mario Piccinin #1    EY68646776275
Craig Smith    Taiho Pharma Canada, Inc.64656581275
Laura Sluce #1    EY63717864276
Anne Woods #2    Silicon Valley Bank64686678276
John Wilkinson #2    Wilkinson Insight Incorporated79706365277
Ken Feinstein #1    Compass Construction Resources Ltd.70736668277
Hugh Scott    Innovative Medicines Canada63707074277
Garth Huestis #4    Berkley Canada62746675277
Alex Markovic    RBC82626965278
Lynda Covello    LPC Consulting International77646671278
Christine Khouri   70696574278
Leanne Newell    Access Copyright81706365279
Wilma Deen    Innovative Medicines Canada64727766279
Christopher Forbes    BioLab Business Magazine78676470279
Garth Huestis #2    Berkley Canada67746772280
Jamie Barron    BDO Canada LLP72656776280
Jennifer Goudey #4   64676782280
Charles Jabara    CRB82726562281
Jason Locklin #1    Alexion Pharma Canada62708168281
Esther Wiltshire #1    Marsh Canada Ltd72687269281
Kim Brouse    Marsh Canada Ltd70698063282
Michelle Lenarduzzi    Optimus SBR76726965282
Jigna Shah    Ernst & Young73627968282
Rylend Mulder    Science to Business Network73627770282
John Wilkinson #3    Wilkinson Insight Incorporated62787171282
Andrew Retfalvi #1    Global Public Affairs78647170283
John Wilkinson #4    Wilkinson Insight Incorporated62767075283
Anne Woods #1    Silicon Valley Bank76647272284
Ken Feinstein #2    Compass Construction Resources Ltd.68657675284
Yan Hai    Innova Medipharm Inc.68736281284
Alison Symington    Life Science Strategic Consulting65728266285
Paul Cassar    adMare Bioinnovations76637769285
Wayne England    NA66697872285
Jason Locklin #3    Alexion Pharma Canada70637280285
Sasha Fried    saje healthcare73707766286
Jennifer Meldrum    PEAK Pharma Solutions Inc.68797367287
Josh Reynolds    ANTIBODY Healthcare Communications73736675287
Garth Huestis #3    Berkley Canada65697776287
Emily Taylor    McMaster University81707562288
Dharmesh Gandhi    Ernst & Young63786681288
Nicole DeKort    Medtech Canada64727082288
Andy Donovan    Life Sciences Ontario76766473289
Esther Wiltshire #4    Marsh Canada Ltd70648174289
Yasaman Soudagar    Neurescence Inc.62697979289
Laura Sluce #4    EY68747870290
Mark Smithyes    Life Sciences Consulting75786671290
Ron Hosking    PlantForm Corporation70717871290
Mario Piccinin #3    EY78686777290
Peter Melnyk    Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc.67786778290
Susan Marlin    Clinical Trials Ontario62767478290
Laura Sluce #3    EY69657680290
Adrian Snihur    Shift Health79776570291
Dan Juskovic    RBC66816777291
Ken Feinstein #3    Compass Construction Resources Ltd.68637882291
William Dempster    3Sixty Public Affairs69797965292
Bruce Seet    Sanofi Pasteur67678177292
Shola Shobowale    RBC63727780292
Emily Taylor #3    McMaster University75718166293
Parneet Dehl    RBC80717369293
Mario Piccinin #4    EY78687770293
Andrew Haller    Clinical Trials Ontario66768071293
John Goudey #2   80796272293
Elena Trebinjac    Clinical Trials Ontario70707875293
Garth Huestis #1    Berkley Canada77677178293
Bill Kovessy    University of Waterloo77716382293
John Goudey #1   70736882293
Sav DiPasquale #2    CPDN78747567294
Jackie O`Connor    City of Mississauga75727572294
Emily Taylor #2    McMaster University69768268295
Andrew Retfalvi #2    Global Public Affairs73787569295
Jennifer Tocci #2   70768069295
Ross Glover    Taiho Pharma Canada, Inc.78697474295
Jennifer Goudey #3   62758276295
Richard Adamson    PEAK Pharma Solutions Inc.79756279295
Jennifer Tocci #1   79678268296
shirin marahel    MSGP74757572296
Barbara Wotherspoon    Projecis72737972296
Esther Wiltshire #3    Marsh Canada Ltd81757566297
Jason Locklin #4    Alexion Pharma Canada77826573297
Rhonda Sondrol    The Payroll Fix76776678297
Ling Loerchner    University of Waterloo66797478297
Anne Woods #4    Silicon Valley Bank71826877298
Lauren Starr    Western University73647982298
Andrew Retfalvi #3    Global Public Affairs80627780299
John Goudey #4   73748172300
Kathryn Marini    CRB79777074300
Sav DiPasquale #1    CPDN79767967301
Jason Locklin #2    Alexion Pharma Canada69807874301
Sav DiPasquale #3    CPDN80707081301
Jennifer Tocci #4   80758067302
John Goudey #3   71777876302
Jennifer Goudey #2   79687382302
Hannah Mohammed    CRB Canada81757968303
Michael Midmer    Zucara Therapeutics Inc.82777074303
Will Berrouard    Impres75757875303
Jennifer Goudey #1   70757980304
Ken Feinstein #4    Compass Construction Resources Ltd.71807777305
Emily Taylor #1    McMaster University77796881305
Emily Taylor #4    McMaster University76797081306
Christopher Kata    TrialStat Solutions Inc.71828274309
Chris Delvecchio    Shift Health74787981312

2020 LSO Virtual Un-Golf Classic and Networking
Registration is closed.

LSO’s Annual Un-Golf Classic is a premier networking and fundraising event for our sector, bringing together 140+ members of our industry for a fun-filled day at Copper Creek in August. This event sells out each year, and continues to be a key fundraising vehicle for LSO, directly supporting our advocacy, mentorship
program, Networking Nights, and Breakfast Meetings. Proceeds from our silent auction at the event help support the next generation of life sciences leaders through the Sanofi Biogenius Canada program. Due to COVID-19 and with social distancing rules in effect, our events have had to adapt and therefore move to a virtual platform. It was a very tough decision but in the end, the committee felt it was the right decision to cancel the in-person golf tournament for the safety and health of all participants. The committee has been busy brainstorming ideas to help fundraise for LSO and still provide a fun virtual event of prizes, speakers, and networking.

About the 2020 Virtual Un-Golf Classic & Networking

The 2020 LSO Virtual Un-Golf tournament will use online tools to help create a golf themed event with prizes, guest speakers and networking. It will also provide a valuable fundraising function supporting LSO’s activities and Sanofi Biogenius Canada. Each attendee will receive 4 spins of a wheel (Figure 1) to get cumulative score. There will be prizes for the 3 lowest scores and also random draws for prizes. Spins will be done at 9:00am and 12:00pm on Tuesday, August 25th and Thursday, August 27th, and will be webcast live. A leaderboard will be included on our website for quick reference. During the main event on both days from 3:30-5:00pm, there will be guest speakers, random draws for prizes and networking with other attendees.

The networking portion will take place on Remo Conference and will enable you to move from one virtual table to another to network with others. The platform does include video and audio connections through your computer. There is no software to download, you just need to create a simple account (name, email) to begin. You can even connect your LinkedIn profile to easily connect with others at the

This event sells out each year, and continues to be a key fundraising vehicle for LSO, directly supporting our mentorship program, Networking Nights, and Breakfast Meetings. Proceeds from our silent auction at the event help support the next generation of life sciences leaders through the Sanofi Biogenius Canada program. Check out our silent auction here.

*** Registration for 2020 is now open!

Morning Wheel Spin:
9:00 am & 12:00 pm

Afternoon Event w/Networking:
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Speakers and Topics:

August 25th

(NEW SPEAKERS) Exploring Ontario’s Life Sciences Sector

Join the LSO Executive as we explore topics including an Ontario life sciences strategy, how COVID-19 has impacted the Life Sciences sector, and what the future of the industry looks like as we emerge from the crisis.

  • Ed Dybka, General Manager, Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Canada Inc
  • Rafi Hofstein, Former President & CEO, Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners
  • Mark Smithyes, President, Life Sciences Consulting; Chair, Life Sciences Ontario
  • Alison Symington, Principal, Life Science Strategic Consulting

August 27th

  • NEW Speaker:

    • Robert Hogue, Senior Economist with RBC Economics

    Key Considerations When Returning to Work

    • Kayleigh Phypers, Manager, Strategy, BDO Canada LLP

    This presentation will provide some insight to help guide organizational leaders in the development of return-to-work programs. The focus – assisting organizations with answering the critical questions of:

    • Should You? – Engaging employees and making the decision to return to work.
    • How Do You? – Building an operational model that works for your strategic goals and objectives, as well as your team.

Our annual golf fundraiser supports LSO’s crucial programs, including our policy and advocacy work, mentorship programs, and networking nights. We are seeking sponsors to help make this event a success; please click here to view the sponsorship package.

Highlights from our 2019 Golf Classic

To view the full gallery including team photos from the day, click here.