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Carrie McElroy

Carrie McElroy

Carrie McElroy is the Country Head of Market Access & Public Affairs at Sanofi Canada. With 22 years at Sanofi, Carrie has contributed to the organization across many leadership roles with a specialty in external affairs and as interim General Manager and Country Lead for a period in 2021.

Sanofi Canada is the leading investor in the Life Sciences sector in Canada which has afforded Carrie the opportunity to collaborate on capital investments, health system reform, policy priorities, and as a speaker and contributor in the life sciences ecosystem.

In addition to Carrie’s extensive corporate experience, she remains a tireless advocate for patients having served on many councils and committees in the non-profit sector. Carrie previously founded ‘Project Sarah’ – a Childhood Cancer Foundation after dear family friends lost their 3-year-old daughter to Neuroblastoma.

In 2011, Carrie accompanied patients living with Rare Diseases on a successful trek to the Arctic Circle. This endeavor led to public awareness of Rare Conditions and created a dialogue with the Federal Government to create a Canadian Rare Disease Strategy