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Toronto Bio Pharma Networking Group

AugustAug 12 2019 06:00pm - 08:55pm

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TOBPNG (Toronto Bio Pharma Networking Group)

BPNG is a Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Life Sciences professionals' group. It connects communities across various disciplines & corporate cultures that value relationship building at all stages of industry careers. Meetings are open to professionals in biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and nutraceutical companies as well as those at non-profits, research foundations and academic institutions. Members of angel, seed or venture capital funding institutions as well as members of the BioPharma covering medica are also welcome.


In addition, we accept & encourage BioPharma related service providers, sales firms and business development professionals. Service providers include recruiting, law firms, real estate, public relations and marketing, consulting, and accounting firms. Sales firms include companies that provide instrumentation, software/IT, and reagents to the life science community. We promote effective leads & resource sharing at our events where people with common backgrounds & interests can exchange information, trends and ideas in a relaxed setting.


Our focus is on finding & developing real career & business connections by meeting & conversing face-to-face with other professionals in the pharma / biotech / med device industries across PA/NJ/MA/NY/NC/MO-STL/TO on a monthly basis in a casual happy hour setting.


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