Policy Forum

LSO’s Annual Policy Forum, now entering its 10th year, brings together key stakeholders to strategize how we can accelerate our life sciences sector. The 2019 Policy Forum, features speakers from a broad spectrum of industry and government as well as robust opportunities for audience engagement.

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Life Sciences Policy Post Federal Election Life sciences policies played a major role leading up to the federal election

National pharmacare, PMPRB reform, and the HBEST Strategy all played important roles in party platforms. With a new government in place, what is emerging in terms of policy directions and priorities for our life sciences sector? What role will digital transformations play in health and economic policies? How does this align (or not) with Ontario initiatives and policy priorities?

Big Data – Unlocking the Opportunity

Ontario is sitting on a treasure trove of health data but unlocking its potential remains an elusive challenge. Privacy, informed consent, for-profit-use and access are rising concerns. In this session, panel members will identify key policy priorities for Ontario to unlock this potential and mitigate risk.

AI, Machine Learning and Automation in the BioEconomy

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and businesses need to adapt in order to stay relevant. In this session, panel members will discuss the potential impacts of these areas on life sciences? How do we facilitate advancement and adoption of these technologies through public policies? How should we be preparing our workforce to be at the forefront of this technological revolution?

LSO 30th Anniversary and Holiday Reception

To read the full Report & Recommendations from our Annual Policy Forum, visit: http://bit.ly/2FKaDS0