Policy Forum

LSO’s Annual Policy Forum, now entering its 9th year, brings together key stakeholders to strategize how we can accelerate our life sciences sector. The 2018 Policy Forum, “Achieving Policy Impact in a Transformed Political Landscape,” features speakers from a broad spectrum of industry and government as well as robust opportunities for audience engagement.

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8:00–8:30am Registration & Networking Breakfast


8:30–8:40am Welcome & Opening Remarks
Jason Field, President & CEO, Life Sciences Ontario


8:40–9:00am Morning Keynote


9:00–10:10am Life Sciences Policy Under the New Ontario Government
Life sciences remains Ontario’s greatest untapped opportunity for economic growth and social prosperity. How we approach life sciences policy in the coming months and years will have a profound, long-term impact on our province and Canada as a whole. With a new government in place, what is emerging in terms of policy directions and priorities for our life sciences sector? How can we work together and build bridges to accelerate our success?


10:10–10:40am Morning Networking Break 

10:45–11:45am Audience Engagement Session
In this hour-long session, we’ll be interacting with members of our audience directly to solicit their views on key policy challenges and define topics for further discussion. The session will include structured discussion with facilitators present at each table, and will conclude with live audience polling.


11:45–12:30pm Buffet Lunch (Provided) 


12:30–1:15pm Fireside Chat
Our Fireside Chat will delve into the results from our audience polling session. What are the primary issues we should focus on going forward? How can government and the private sector play an active role in this transformation?
Facilitated by: Ryan Wiley, President, Shift Health


1:15–2:25pm Access to Health Innovation Panel 
Health innovation is an integral component of our success and sustainability as a province and a nation. However, we are failing to capitalize on our investments within this sector and deliver these innovations to patients. With so many stakeholders involved – including innovators, regulators, purchasers, and insurers – how do we work together to balance cost and access to innovations? As key policies are being developed regarding drug pricing and national Pharmacare, how will access to innovations potentially be impacted?
Moderated by: Wayne Critchley, Senior Associate with Global Public Affairs; Chair of the Board, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders.


2:25–2:45pm Afternoon Break


2:45–3:55pm Investment  Panel
Ontario’s life sciences sector is rapidly becoming known for its incredible innovations. But too often, we are losing our most promising companies to acquisition outside our borders. How can we amplify our competitiveness as a destination for global capital, while growing and scaling our companies here at home? What steps must both government and the private sector take to anchor our foothold within the global innovation marketplace?
Moderated by: Peter van der Velden, Managing General Partner, Lumira Ventures


3:55–4:30pm Federal Economic Strategy Table Panel
This session will feature a presentation of the recommendations from the Health and Biosciences Economic Strategy Table.


4:30–4:40pm Close the Day & Next Steps


4:40–6:00pm LSO Networking Reception


Confirmed speakers

  • Ashley Challinor, Vice President, Policy, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
  • Huda Idrees, Founder & CEO of Dot Health
  • Greg Meredith, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Janice Murray, President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
  • Michelle Noble, Executive Director, Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario
  • Jérôme Nycz, Executive Vice President, BDC Capital
  • Steve Romanyshyn, Ontario Venture Capital Growth Corp.-Helen Stevenson, Founder & CEO, Reformulary Group Inc.

Confirmed moderators

  • Ryan Wiley, President, Shift Health
  • Peter van der Velden, Managing General Partner, Lumira Ventures
  • Wayne Critchley, Senior Associate with Global Public Affairs; Chair of the Board, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders

To read the full Report & Recommendations from our Annual Policy Forum, visit: http://bit.ly/2FKaDS0